170 Warren Avenue
 Hartland, Wisconsin 

Christopher J. Birkel

Christopher John Birkel (Chris)

Survived by Parents Lewis & Kathy, Sister Jennifer (Jim), Brother Tim (Brenda), daughters Abi and Hannah, and their mother Jenny (nee Church), three God-children, one Grandmother, aunts, uncles, cousins and many friends.
He took an untimely and unscheduled journey away from us a few days ago. 

“Needless to say hit mom very hard.”

He was one that wanted to do it his way; struggled lots of time and won but lost a few. His greatest loves were his daughters and he loved them dearly and always tried to be the gruff tough one with threats (take away the phone) only to give them back shortly thereafter. He didn’t have many worldly possessions (kinda tite). Use the “old mans”.

The 32 ford was his “rocket to the stars”. He had it out and ready every weekend and believe me he ran the wheels off it and wanted to be sure the girls would be part of the ride when available. He looked forward with a passion to showing me how to restore that old gasoline engine and always informed me which ones were to follow the trail his way when I croak. Strange that parents have to bury their kids.

We had the typical who’s smarter arguments. I lost most of the time but in the end it worked out (got him to do the work!)

As with all boys, pranks and trouble were lurking and he had the knack to put the blame on his Brother Tim, which always worked (“we knew“).

Now life must push forward. It’s going to be a challenge - the girls are 16 and 11 and we do hope their Mom allows us to be a continuing influence and guide post for them, the three of us should be able to keep them on the straight and narrow (no boyfriends).

Join us in remembering his skills, talents, and love for all.

He wasn’t much of a person to leave a paper trail but was one hell of a 
Craftsman with wood.

Cross cut Carpentry will live on in able hands!

Listen for that ole a-ou-gah horn Chris is near!
  Just Pa

In lieu of flowers, memorials for the Abi and Hannah education fund.