170 Warren Avenue
Hartland, Wisconsin
While most people prefer traditional burial, we want families to know
we offer cremation services as well.  Cremation allows you to arrange
any type of ceremony, which is meaningful to you, with cremation
before or after the ceremony.     Many individuals select a traditional
visitation and funeral service, with cremation to follow.  Or you can
select a cremation followed by a memorial service.  This service is a
gathering, which differs from a funeral only in that the body is not
present.  Instead the cremated remains are usually present in an urn. 
You may select cremation only; this entails simply meeting with us to
arrange the details.  However, we hope you consider the benefit of
some type of formal or informal service for the support it can bring to
friends and family, as well as the closure it helps to provide. 
Cremation also provides you with several choices for final disposition,
including aboveground entombment, burial, permanent possession,
or scattering in a location that has special meaning.