Crossing Bridges Series

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Studies show that creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace leads to engaged associates, increased productivity, and enhanced revenue. Turns out that differing backgrounds and perspectives yield a richness of insights, ideas and innovation that lead to better business.

Connect with learning that can help you tap the benefits of building a diverse, inviting and vibrant workplace culture.
  Crossing Bridges Series

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Inclusion in the Accounting Profession



Explore what inclusion in the accounting profession looks like and how to overcome barriers to creating an inclusive workplace culture.

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Recognizing & Neutralizing Bias



This session explores understanding biases and the differences between implicit and explicit bias.


Socializing Inclusiveness Throughout Your Organization


Delve into ways to socialize and gain buy-in from all levels of the company or organizations in creating a culture of inclusion and belonging.





Stories of Belonging: Equity & Inclusion in the Workplace


Uncover best practices for creating an inclusive and belonging environment at all levels of an organization or company.


Sustaining an Inclusive Culture During Growth & Succession

Learn how to identify components of workplace culture to grow and evolve inclusion in your organization or company.


Inclusiveness Metrics & Measures: Where Are We Going?

Examine ways to measure progress toward creating a diverse and inclusive workplace culture.





Inclusive & Non-Inclusive HR Practices

Examine HR practices and strategies as they relate to talent acquisition and the talent development process.

Inclusive Collaboration & Team Building

Uncover strategies for building and maintaining relationships, including giving and receiving feedback, and acknowledging others' contributions.




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