170 Warren Avenue
 Hartland, Wisconsin 

Scott Travis Leslie

Scott Travis Leslie, of Milwaukee, passed away in his sleep sometime Wednesday, August 3, 2016 at the age of 37.

Scott was a born December 25, 1978 at West Allis Memorial in Milwaukee to Vincent and Eloise Leslie. He graduated from Arrowhead High School and took miscellaneous classes in computers. He held numerous positions at Menards and most recently was a yardman.

Scott enjoyed working with and building computers, managing servers, playing computer games, listening to Ted Talks, using cool gizmos and cool tools, taking 
things apart to figure out how they work, and especially driving forklifts. Scott enjoyed the details of everything around him, often noticing and understanding things you wouldn’t think to see. Scott never got into something lightly. He was either in 150% or not at all. In addition to all of his work and efforts at Menards, Scott enjoyed providing maintenance support services to many local apartment complexes and partially enjoyed solving issues with re-keying locks for apartments when needed. The more locks, the better. He always had a few cars, total of about 10 cars throughout his time here, cars that he put himself into trying to keep them running, add sound systems to them, making them neat and more interesting. His excitement for these cars never went away. This love of cars continued to his latest truck 85 GMC Sierra. Scott was always willing to lend a hand, or two, and then some to any situation where someone needed help. He had a passion to fix things and make things work correctly. He wanted to help with anything he could to make it easier, work better. Scott had a unique, fun, dry sense of humor and loved sharing this with family and friends and often shared this on Facebook. 

Besides his mother Eloise Rouse, his father Vincent Leslie, his grandmothers Lillian Leslie and Becky Gersmehl, step mother Janice Ciezki-Leslie, several aunts, uncles, cousins and friends, Scott is survived by his fiancée Sheryl Klawes and beloved sister Mandy (Amanda) Leslie.  

                   Sheryl and Scott had plans to marry June 16, 2018. They made many                    memories together camping, going out for dinner and spending time                    together taking walks and looking at boats at the harbor. Scott loved                    his sister Mandy and was always there to look out for her, always. He                    shared a love for SpongeBob with her, taught her about cool music at                    a young age and took her on adventures. She knew he was always                    there whenever she needed, he knew the same for her. Scott enjoyed the family gatherings with their dad, going on mini trips to Sheboygan to walk in the sand dunes at Terry Andrae State Park.

A Gathering to celebrate Scott’s life will be held on Friday, August 12, 2016 from 4:30 to 6:30 pm with a Time of Remembrance at 6:30 pm at the funeral home.